Emailing is like sailing in a small ship over a vast ocean full of possible dangers. Your email has to navigate through dangerous data streams and avoid dangers that are lurking in the deep to safely arrive in its harbour.

Enemies and Solutions

There are a lot of threats out there as well as solutions. Here are three of the top threats and solutions:


In computer security a threat is a possible danger that might exploit a vulnerability to breach security and therefore cause possible harm.


A blended threat is a software exploit which in turn involves a combination of attacks against different vulnerabilities. For example, many worm, a trojan horse and a computer virus exploit multiple techniques to attack and propagate.


Ransomware is computer malware that installs covertly on a victim's computer, executes a cryptovirology attack that adversely affects it, and demands a ransom payment to restore it.


A sandbox is a security mechanism for separating running programs. It is often used to execute untested or untrusted programs or code, possibly from unverified or untrusted third parties, suppliers, users or websites, without risking harm to the host machine or operating system.


Email security refers to the collective measures used to secure the access and content of an email account or service. It allows an individual or organization to protect the overall access to one or more email addresses/accounts.


Email encryption is encryption of email messages to protect the content from being read by other entities than the intended recipients. Email encryption may also include authentication.

So? What is REDmail?

REDMail is an email content security application for organizations. REDMail leverages the power of award-winning gateway email content security solution of Trustwave SEG (previously known as MailMarshal SMTP), for use in a managed service environment.

How does it work?

Built on the award-winning Trustwave Secure Email Gateway, REDMail provides protection at the internet level, eliminates threats before they reach the network and provides centralized security in distributed environments. REDMail reduces business costs, complexity and uncertainty while delivering advanced protection against modern threats, unmatched policy configuration and in-depth data security and compliance management.

• Reduce complexity and uncertainty
• SLA-backed protection and uptime
• Advanced security protection before threats can reach the corporate network
• Reduced business costs
• Retain full control of policies, configuration and reporting

Key benefits

  •   Simplified Management
    Eliminate the overhead of software upgrades and hardware management while maintaining full control over your email policies
  •   Reduced Costs
    Realize savings through reduced storage and bandwidth needs and less time spent on administration
  •   Advanced Security
    Gain industry leading protection against phishing, blended and targeted threats
  •   Web-based Management
    Role-based access controls along with granular auditing capability

Our three options

There are three packages available for REDmail. Starting with REDmail Standard you can always upgrade with REDmail Advanced and REDmail Customer.

REDmail Standard


Sophos AV
Attachement Management

REDmail Advanced


Blended Threats
Advanced Persistent Threats
Redmail Standard is mandatory

REDmail Customer

Policies Add-On

Customer can make custom policies (up to 50 rules)
Redmail Standard mandatory
Redmail Advanced Add-On mandatory

The packages contain a set of rules that apply to inbound and outbound mail. These can be changed to suit your business in the most optimal way.


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